Our Leaders


These men are spiritual leaders who work in concert with our Lead Pastor dealing with the spiritual aspects and concerns of our church.  Each elder has a group of church members who make up his "oversight."  Essentially these men and their wives are the 'under-shepherds' of our congregation.  They are men full of wisdom, life experiences, the Holy Spirit and a genuine love, care and concern for people.


Dr. Kevin McKelvey (click here to e-mail this elder)


Rev. Philip Morris




Mr. Allen Ward  (click here to e-mail this elder)


Mr. Mike White (click here to e-mail this elder)


Our Deacons

While the elders concern themselves with the spiritual oversight of the church, our deacon focuses primarily on the administrative side of things.  A Deacon has several ministry leaders that he  serves as a servant leader.  Our deacon is an encourager and assists in training and in the routine administrative processes that go on behind the scenes to ensure we have ministries staffed properly.  This ministry is vital!  Things run smoothly at Crossroads because of this fantastic person.

Mr. Ralph Coleman - Deacon of Helps Ministries

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